About Me

Hi! My name is Kate Lionis and firstly thank you for spending time in my little corner of the internet. I am a fine art and editorial photographer. Currently I call Sydney, Australia home and spend most of my time being mum to my two jumping bean boys and wife to one very lucky husband!

Currently my focus is to capture feminine strength and the beauty in that strength in an ethereal setting. Taking inspiration from photographers Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh, painters Pino and Czaba Markus and author Lianne Moriaty I endeavour to display women and the beauty of their strength in sensitive yet unapologetic way. As a fan of fairytales I have always been fascinated by the fantasy world. In times of happiness, hardship and major transition I would draw from these stories, and their characters, for comfort. These ancient creatures were created as guides through life’s major transitions and we drew strength from them as we navigated our own growth. In doing this we projected our strength onto these deities, personifying them, creating beings we would aspire to. I love to create a mythical environment by combining fine art elements in the photograph. By doing so I hope to show you images that are relatable and yet are entrenched in the make believe world that they were intended to be.

I want to show my subjects in their mythical environment to explore how we project our own strength onto them and draw strength from them in turn. We can see all aspects of these deities, good or bad, as a projection of ourselves and realise it is okay and relevant and we can finally draw strength from within ourselves. I want to personify our symbols of feminine strength so we can see that they are a reflection of ourselves.

So please, stop by, look around and if you want to purchase a print or commission your your own picture, contact me and we can make something happen!

Seeing the vision come together

Three quarters of the family

Preparing for a shoot

Published in VOLO, the Worlds #1 Nude Art Magazine

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