This is my interpretation of the Irish goddess Airmid. This scene is after her brother’s death, Airmid is mourning over her brother's grave when plants shoot up from the grave. Airmid collects and sort all the plants on her mantle, before her father, Dian Cecht, comes to sweep them away and with it all the knowledge of the plants.  

I wanted to capture the essence of the story in one image, the sorting of the plants that give Airmid the title of the founder of homoeopathy/plant medicine. Airmid is holding rosemary and gazing at it reverently in remembrance of her brother. There is a sense of knowing her life's purpose and melancholy in the goddess’s pose. The green is a symbol of life I feel when I think of her and the painterly feel adds to the story telling feel.

I really enjoyed her story and what she gave to the world, and I hope you like my depiction of it. 

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